Erika Ruvell


Orlando, FL

Why do you have Love for Pilates?

I have love for Pilates because it has the ability to change peoples lives, inside and out, in so many positive ways.

Favorite Pilates move?

Side Lying Leg Series on the reformer - ultimate booty blast!!!

What can we expect when we take your class?

Have you ever laughed while doing the hundreds? Get ready for that!

Describe your teaching style...

Fun, energetic, and challenging.

What is your guilty pleasure?

7-11 Coffee. The end.

What is your favorite song to work out to?

90s hip hop! I love a good throwback.

What interest you when you are not teaching?

Art, printmaking, and record collecting.

Best words of encouragement for your class...

You got this! Even if you think you dont!

Love for Pilates | Pilates group reformer classes in Hollwyood and Santa Monica - Instructor Erika
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  • Amazing workout! Will be sore for days. Erika is the coolest and really took time with each person in the class!
  • Such a good workout! Really worked every core muscle and it went by fast! Erika was great.
  • Erika's style is fun and grounded. I thoroughly enjoyed my class.

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