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Love for Pilates | Pilates group reformer classes in Hollywood | Santa Monica | West Hollywood | Los Angeles - Pilates Instructor Jeff


What is your Hometown? You mean where I was born Emporia, Kansas? Or where I’ve lived the longest? Los Angeles 17 years

Why do have love for Pilates? Out of everything I have done it’s the one modality of fitness that has truly made me stronger and more connected to my body. It’s kind of amazing.

What is your favorite Pilates move? Long Stretch with no springs. When you are locked in your form and alignment you barley need to move and it kills.

What can we expect when we take your class? The Spanish Inquisition. But nobody ever expects that. Need I say more?

Describe your teaching style: I teach the way I like to get trained. My ass handed to me.

What is your guilty pleasure? Can I plead the 5th? Ha-ha

What is your favorite song to work out to? I am a 90’s rocker so I just play it loud. And it also depends on my mood.

What interest you when you are not teaching? Acting, Music, my animals, nature, friends, art, culture, cooking, pretty much almost everything and when I get to…sleep.

Best words of encouragement for your class: “You are going to die today and it will feel oh-so-good.”