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Love for Pilates | Pilates group reformer classes in Hollywood | Santa Monica | West Hollywood | Los Angeles - Pilates Instructor Teresa


Hometown? Trat, Thailand

Why do you have Love for Pilates? Because I can see the difference it made to my posture and how my body feels and looks.

Favorite Pilates move? Snake.

What can we expect when we take your class? Expect to be challenged.

Describe your teaching style: I like to incorporate compound movements to work several muscle groups simultaneously throughout the class so my students get the most out of each session. I also use unilateral exercise to help clients avoid using the dominant side to do most of the movements.

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate.

What is your favorite song to work out to? “Beautiful Now” by Zedd.

What interest you when you are not teaching? Traveling and food (cooking, baking, eating).

Best words of encouragement for your class: “Practice makes perfect – if you cannot do a certain exercise today, keep trying and keep coming to classes. Your muscles will get stronger and one day you will be able to do it.”