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How can I purchase a gift card for someone?

How can I purchase a gift card for someone?

Gifts card purchases are a great gift for anyone you care about and can be purchased in-studio or digitally at our on-line store. If you decide to make your gift card purchase on-line, you will be able to customize your purchase having the following capabilities:

  • Address your recipient
  • Add a customized message and picture
  • Schedule a specific day to email the gift card
  • Choose to print the gift card instead of emailing it over to the recipient

The purchase amount can be for any particular pricing option listed on-line or any customized amount you choose (please choose option ‘Customized Amount’).

Gift cards never expire and the value of a gift card can be used toward any purchase, even if a specified purchase was paid for initially. Once the gift card has been redeemed and a purchase has been activated, the classes will expire just like any other classes purchased (unless a Standard Class Package was purchases as they never expire).

Please click HERE to purchase your gift card today!

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