Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio

Our Virtual Studio is on hiatus until mid-September 2022.

We'll see you back on the mat in a few weeks!

Meet us on the mat in our Virtual Studio!

Get our signature LFP styled classes in the comfort of your own home. We use traditional mat pilates exercises mixed with modern training techniques to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

Let’s get you moving, breathing and feeling great.

All it takes is just a few easy steps:

Download the Zoom application to your device here: 

You will want to download the app to the device you’ll plan on using to participate in your virtual class. It may be nice to have a bigger screen if you have the option. Also, an actual computer has a more robust Zoom experience and if you have a laptop your webcam will be propped up and ready to go (very easy to manipulate so you get the best view).

Next you will want to reserve your space in class. Class sign up is cut off 10 minutes before the start of class. If you are using the MindBody App on your device please locate Love for Pilates West Hollywood or Love for Pilates Santa Monica to find our virtual mat classes. 

OR reserve your class here:

The next step is to get you signed up. If you are new to our site – welcome! When you go to reserve a class, our on-line scheduler will prompt you to build your profile and purchase the class. Please fill out all the required fields. 

Purchase a single All Level Mat Class through our on-line store here: Buy Now

Meet us on the mat! 5 minutes before class you will receive an email with the Zoom link to join in so be prepared to join class 5 minutes before the start time and have your device handy so you can connect to Zoom.

You will also want a mat to be able to lie on (depending on your set up) and possibly a small towel and water. For certain classes we may incorporate props as extras so if you have them and want to use them, please do. If you do not have the props, no sweat, you can always execute the exercises without them. We do use dumbbells/ hand weights often.

When you click on the link you will enter the class. You have the option to share your video screen by clicking on the camcorder icon that says “Share Video.” You will be muted upon entering but the instructor will want to connect with you so be prepared to unmute yourself and have a quick chat. When class starts the instructor will mute the entire class, this will keep the instructor’s audio and video free and clear of any disruptions. You also have the option to pin the instructor’s video screen to be your main video. If you have a questions at any time throughout the class you can unmute or use the chat feature (which is less disruptive to the others in class).

Mat pilates exercises are the fundamentals of the pilates method being somewhat repeated on each pilates apparatus. By learning how to properly work your muscles using your own body weight against gravity’s pull, will help you manipulate any pilates apparatus to maximize your benefit. Also, we get to scale back all the bells and whistles and hone in on your form and focus on adjusting for any imbalances or injuries.

Take your practice to the next level.

Our Virtual Studio is on hiatus until mid-September 2022.

We'll see you back on the mat in a few weeks.