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Do you love pilates? Love for Pilates offers dynamic pilates certain to deliver dynamic results. We use our signature, contemporary approach to classical pilates. Our group reformer classes focus on total body conditioning and are never the same, bringing variety and fun to your workout.

We deliver the best Pilates classes in Los Angeles and our certified, expert instructors will provide a safe, effective, total body workout certain to bring you the results you want.

Sculpt, strengthen and stretch your body to new lengths 

The Studios

We want you to feel like you are at home when at our locations. Our studios are spacious, clean and inviting. We create a safe, judgement free environment where you can burn, sweat and breathe your day away. We understand your workout should be simple to achieve and we will help you do just that with seamless on-line booking, affordable non-complicated pricing and kick-butt customer service. Our class sizes are intimate so you receive personalized attention. Come and work out with us everyday and get re-energized for tomorrow.

The Classes

Our pilates classes take the best of classical pilates and integrates personal training at it's finest. All classes are performed on cutting edge fitness reformers alongside the EXO chairs, jump boards, various props and hand weights. You will be burning and sculpting almost every single muscle in your body with every move you make. If you have never worked with a pilates apparatus, you are in for a treat as it makes you connect, stabilize and focus like you have never before. Leave feeling worked and refreshed all at the same time.

The Love

It's in the title! Here at Love for Pilates we have heart and we love nothing more than to assist our community achieve their goals. All are welcome regardless of shapes and sizes. Whether you have past or present injuries, are on your prenatal or postnatal journey or are an athlete we will help you get the best pilates workout. We absolutely love everything about pilates and want to help you connect and learn about your body. You can take the knowledge we give you and apply it to your everyday activities feeling stronger, taller and more confident.
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