Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

At Love for Pilates we will always strive to bring you the best Pilates workout around. We are constantly on the pulse of introducing new, progressive and inventive exercises while giving you the balance and focus of a traditional Pilates workout.

No reformer class is ever the same! There are endless possibilities and you will always be challenged; learning new exercises, pushing your body harder and finding the nuances that make you dig deeper. We will be carving a new you, reshaping your body from the inside-out.

Here are your reformer classes available to you:

Reformer Level 1

Level 1 is designed for everyone, whether you may be new to the world of Pilates or even a veteran. In this class you will learn how to work with your machine and be educated on the proper techniques all while seriously challenging your body. We provide beginner to intermediate movement with clear instruction to give you the best Pilates workout in town. No class at Love for Pilates is easy, we ensure you get the maximum return for your efforts.

Reformer Level 2

This class is for serious devotees that want to get serious results. We push harder, we hold longer and you will be challenged with more resistance, more reps and more advanced movement. Various props are thrown into the mix to keep shocking your body and providing the variety you need to deliver results to keep you feeling and looking incredible. What are you waiting for?

Reformer Booty Blast

In this class you get a full body workout but the emphasis is all on your glutes. Every move utilized will focus on sculpting a different section of your booty being sure to give your backside lots of love. We work not only your glute maximus (your prime mover) but also blast your medius and don't forget your minimus. Get the butt you've always wanted!

Reformer Core Burn

In this class you get a full body workout but the emphasis is all on your core. Every move utilized will focus on shredding a different section of your core being sure to strengthen you from all angles; frontal abs (rectus and transverse), side abs (external & internal obliques), your back and pelvic floor, etc. Get the washboard abs you've always wanted and be the envy of everyone you know.

Reformer Power Hour

Get ready to move and sweat! In this class we take all of the most powerful pilates moves and pack them together bringing you the ultimate power challenge. Combine that with less breaks, more reps, more resistance, longer holds, a little blood, sweat and maybe tears to bring you the most dynamic, powerful 50 minute pilates class. *It is recommended that you have pilates experience.

Reformer Stretch & Sculpt

Feel the amazing benefits of pilates as we take you through stretch elements that you cannot recreate anywhere else than on a reformer. Don't discount these moves as we are still strengthening your core and, while extending those stems, we are also sculpting your muscles to a more lengthened state chiseling you to a long, lean body. This class will leave you feeling balanced, energized and ready for anything life may throw at you.

Reformer Cardio Jump Board

Pilates Jump Board Classes utilize the reformer and an attached spring board launching you into an exhilarating high energy aerobic workout. The jump board works you from head-to-toe sculpting and shaping your legs, constantly working and stabilizing your core, increasing your heart rate and all without harsh impact on your joints; what more could you want?!