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Are class packages different from gift cards?

Are class packages different from gift cards?

Unlike gift cards, any form of individual class purchase is personal to the purchaser/user. On-line purchases are made under your specific profile, with your specific log-in information and are meant for you to use. Unfortunately, classes are non-transferable meaning you cannot give your classes to another as a gift (i.e. convey ownership) and the classes do expire based on the purchase that was made. The expiration dates are posted in the descriptions of the classes or series of classes. If, however, you have a major emergency and cannot make it in, just give us a call, or e-mail us and we can help.

You can purchase gifts cards as well as individual classes but they work differently. Gift Cards are purchased to gift to someone else. Gift cards never expire and the value of a gift card can be used toward any purchase, even if a specified purchase was paid for initially. Once the gift card has been redeemed and a purchase has been activated, the classes will expire just like any other classes purchased (unless a Standard Class Package was purchases as they never expire). If you would like to buy a gift card, please click HERE.

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