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Meet Tia

Meet Tia

Our Love for pilates instructors are fully certified and trained to deliver a safe yet powerful workout certain to deliver the results you desire. No class is ever the same and our instructors provide step-by-step instructions while sharing tips to help you dig even deeper.

Tia has always been passionate about fitness and optimal health, leading a very active lifestyle but after a freak body reaction, she found herself in the hospital. Not being able to work out for sometime she then found herself heavy, unmotivated and depressed. Diving into the vast knowledge of the human movement system, she began her own transformation and is now sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Having an array of targeted certifications, Tia will use a variety of techniques to help you reach your goals. Whether you are in need of core and joint stabilization, post injury rehabilitation or a solid hard-core workout, she will adapt to any situation and deliver results. Tia believes strongly in the no-impact benefits Pilates delivers. She has devoted her focus to studying pilates and how to work out efficiently and effectively. Let Tia help you with your goals whether you are just starting or continuing on your fitness journey.

You can see Tia throughout the week at LFP:

Mondays 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
Wednesdays 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
Fridays 11am and 12pm
Sundays 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm

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